Posted on November 03, 2017

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has launched an initiative for opening seasonal market for camping supplies by allocating spaces in Al Rufaa Celebration Road.

The registration for booking the space has opened for traders and entrepreneurs. The market will run from November 5 to 15 and will help traders to market their camping products. The seasonal market includes 70 spaces, 3,000 meters for sellers, giving both genders the change to participate and exhibit their goods. The market includes all products needed by camel owners, comprehensive camping equipment and goods, including kitchen needs, wild fishing tools, in addition to handmade Qatari products.

The market will help individuals and families interested in camping and picnicking as they would be able to buy camping equipment and necessities. The market is also an opportunity for local companies and entrepreneurs to exhibit and market their camping products. The initiative effectively contributes to stimulating the local trade flow, support the economy and create a diverse environment that contributes to the growth of the commercial and private sector. The market aims at providing appropriate spaces for Qatari traders and productive families in a bid to create a suitable environment for these families to market their products, which has a positive impact on the families.

The ministry specified the registration procedure by submitting a request to the registration and licensing department at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Lusail City by attaching a valid commercial license, a pledge to maintain the space’s cleanliness and to not distort the public landscape and return it to the state it was upon receipt. The Ministry explained that registration is free of charge for all, noting that setting up charges will be the exhibitors’ responsibility in addition to evacuating and handing the space over by November 16.

source: The Peninsula