Posted on June 23, 2016

The Men’s Volleyball tournament in Aspire Zone’s Ramadan Sports Festival concluded on Tuesday evening, as team Soul Riders took home the tournament title, followed by W League in second place and Qatar University in third. The tournament took place over the course of 5 days and witnessed the participation of 11 teams participating in 4 groups.

Meanwhile, the Junior Futsal and Ladies’ Volleyball tournaments got off to high scoring starts on Monday evening as both competitions welcomed some amazing opening fixtures at the Aspire Dome. The two tournaments form part of Aspire Zone Foundation’s (AZF) Ramadan Sports Festival (RSF) and will see a combined 24 teams go head-to-head from Monday 29 June to Friday 24 June when the winners of each tournament will be crowned champions at Aspire Dome.

Men’s Volleyball Tournament concludes 1 [].jpg

29 goals in the first day of the Junior Futsal Tournament

The Junior Futsal tournament got under way with a stunning 29 goals from the eight teams competing in the first four matches of the competition. In the first match of the evening, team Brazil won against team Samba with a score of 3-2, while Al-Asateer beat the Legends 3-0. Bayern passed their competitor Golden with ease following a 6-2 victory, while Barcelona ended the evening on a high-note following 11 goals in San Siro’s net, who were sadly only able to return one.

The second day also witnessed strong performances, as team Brazil trumped Back Street Boys with a 10-3 win, while Al Assateer lost a closely fought match with Black Star that ended with a 4-2 win for the latter. Team Golden also put on a solid performance, winning its game against team Immortal with a score of 12-3, while Barcelona beat Al Aziziya with a score of 8-2. The Junior Futsal competition is following a groups based competition system with the participation of 12 teams, with three in each group. The top contender from each group will qualify to the final rounds of the competition taking place on Thursday 23 June, which will determine who qualifies to the finals on Friday 24 June.

Parents cheer on the players from the bleachers

In addition to the remarkable performances by the competing teams, the evening was also marked by a worthy and enthusiastic attendance by parents that were there to support their children. A parent who had made their way from the city of Mesaieed specifically to support his son expressed his delight with the atmosphere at the tournament, thanking Aspire Zone Foundation for encouraging youth to be active and practice sports in a competitive environment. 

Player Tamim Mansour Al Muftah, son of renowned Qatari footballer and Al Sadd player Mansour Al Muftah, said that he is participating in the tournament with his friends and Barcelona team to make use of the facilities and the opportunity, adding that it helps them work on their fitness and football skills. He described the organization of the tournament to be impressive, adding that while it is his first participation in Aspire Zone’s tournaments he expects his team will win and come out of the competition stronger.

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Ladies put on displays of strength in Volleyball

Monday also witnessed the launch of the Ladies’ Volleyball tournament, which opened with a one-sided match between Hyper Spikers and Charms that resulted in a 25-12 win for the former. The evening hosted three more matches that led to a 25-22 win for QPM in its match against Ladies Stallions Busters, while Carrefour B emerged victorious in their match against Carrefour A with a 25-20 win. In the final match of the evening, TWS passed their competitor Aspetar Active Girls with ease, achieving a 25-4 win.

The second day of the tournament hosted a 25-15 win for TWS in its match against Qatar Aces, a 25-8 win for QVIB in its match against Carrefour A, a 25-3 win for Aktor its in match against QPM and a 25-11 win for Hyper Spikers in its match against Zyrens. The semi-final stages of the competition, which also follows a group based system of elimination, will take place on Thursday 23 June, with the finals on Friday 24 June. Commenting on her participation, Asmaa Bin Sheikh from Hyper Spikers said: “We did well in our first match and were able to put in a solid performance. The tournament gives us a good opportunity to practice our favourite sport and we always make sure to take part in Aspire Zone Foundation’s tournaments, especially those dedicated to women.”

Aspire Zone’s first Cricket tournament launched on Tuesday as Men’s Volleyball concluded

Tuesday 21 June also witnessed the launch of the Cricket tournament in the Aspire Warm-Up Track with the participation of six teams, while Wednesday 22 June will witness the launch of the Table Tennis Tournament for persons with special needs across three categories.