Posted on February 26, 2015

A record 804 kilograms of recyclables was collected by the environmentally conscious students at MES Indian School in Qatar. This feat was achieved by the students in less than 48 hours. MES Indian School and Dulsco had conducted this massive drive as part their support to the ‘Qatar National Environment Day’ campaign driven by the Ministry of Environment.

The objective of the campaign was to spread awareness on importance of recycling amongst the students. Students brought recyclables like paper, plastics and cans to the school during the two days. Top student recyclers were felicitated by dignitaries from the ‘Ministry of Environment’ and management team from Dulsco. As part of the activity, the “green pledge” signature campaign was also undertaken where representatives from the Ministry of Environment, school management, students and Dulsco signed the massive signature board and reiterated that we are all part of the green journey.

By sending 804 kilos of recyclable material to authorised recycling facilities, instead of the landfills, the students have averted a significant damage on the environment. It is equivalent to saving 3,826 KwH of electricity that is enough to power the average home for 131 days. Approximately 12-14 per cent of the waste has been diverted away from the landfills as a result of such effective recycling campaigns.

“We are delighted to see the enthusiasm and such a wonderful response from the students. We are proud to state that we are committed to the environment and this will have a cascading effect on the other schools in Qatar. We can collectively make a difference to the environment. It is important to educate our future generation to be cautious and also ensure that they are not only good with techno-gadgets but also are environmentally conscious students.

MES Indian School collects 2 [].jpgWe always believe that the role of students in recycling is important as they can help drive the message across the society through their families and network of friends. We are thankful to the Ministry of Environment and Dulsco for the support that they have extended to make this event a grand success. This is just the beginning and we have a long way to go towards spreading similar messages across Qatar,” said Mr. Sasidharan A.P, Principal of MES Public School. “The Recycle-to-Regain campaign gives the children the opportunity to learn and experience environment protection first hand. We want the younger generation to grow up and respect the environment. We hope that the campaign will play an important part in that process,” added Mr.Sasidharan.

“We are committed to the green vision of this country and we aim to undertake all the efforts to ensure that we support and develop an environmentally conscious ecosystem. We were delighted to see that children were keen to participate and understand the importance of recycling and waste management. It is important to educate the society at that level as they are the future and they need to know how to preserve the environment. Dulsco is taking various efforts to help students understand the concept of source segregation so that the recyclables don’t end up in the landfill,” said Mr.Joseph Mathew, Director Dulsco Qatar.

The State of Qatar celebrates National Environment Day on the 26th of February each year. The slogan for this year’s campaign is ‘Our Environment, Our Responsibility’. The Ministry of Environment seeks to achieve a number of goals, such as establishing the value of partnership in protecting the environment among all sections of the society. The Ministry has prepared a series of awareness events, most important: highlighting the topic through Friday speech, conducting cultural competitions, lectures and seminars in schools, and other events to increase environmental awareness.

Dulsco’s, ‘recycle-to-regain’ campaign has met with great success among residents and organisations in Qatar; this is the second time that the scope was extended to schools. This approach has been an important element in Dulsco’s CSR vision and has helped in reducing the pressure on landfills.