Posted on August 17, 2014
Mesaieed Petrochemical Holding Company (MPHC), a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum, today issued a clarification statement advising shareholders of the statement issued by MSCI Inc. The MPHC statement reads: "MSCI Inc. through their press release issued on August 13, 2014, included MPHC in their MSCI Emerging Market Index and MSCI ACWI Growth Index.
MSCI Inc. through their press release issued on August 14, 2014 mentioned that MPHC will not be added to their Index contrary to what was stated earlier by MSCI Inc." In this regard, MPHC would like to confirm that it has no contractual relationship with MSCI Inc. nor does MSCI Inc. coordinate with MPHC on any of its matters. MPHC is therefore not responsible for any of MSCI Inc. decisions. MPHC’s strength is driven by its own performance and not by MSCI Inc. decisions, the statement added.