Posted on November 28, 2019

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) hosted a talk titled “The Hermitage Days” last night in collaboration with the State Hermitage Museum of St Petersburg as part of an ongoing partnership between the two cultural institutions.

MIA hosts public lecture 1 [].jpgDr. Mikhail Piotrovskiy, General Director of the Hermitage, delivered a lecture titled “Museum in the 21st Century”which shed light on the rich history of the museum and its approach to conservation and collection care. During his talk, Dr. Piotrovskiy delivered a presentation on the collections exhibited across the museum as well as the iconic visits by Russian and international heads of state, celebrities and others. The lecture was followed by one delivered by Irina Guruleva, Research Officer in the Department of Scientific Restoration and Conservation, titled: “Conservation in the Hermitage”. Guruleva introduced the Hermitage’s best practice approach to collection care.

The lecture is the latest initiative by MIA designed to allow an exchange of expertise and knowledge between cultural organisations andto expose members of the community to renowned cultural figures and benchmarks of museum practice.

MIA hosts public lecture 2 [].jpgDr. Julia Gonnella, Director of the Museum of Islamic Art mentioned:“Conservation forms a core part of safeguarding cultural heritage for generations to come – both in Qatar and across the globe. We were pleased to host our guests from the Hermitage Museum and exchange best practice approaches with regards to conservation and collection care. We hope to continue and expand this collaboration.”

Commenting on the relationship between the Hermitage and MIA, Dr. Piotrovskiy stated: “Our cooperation with MIA is an extremely important one, I remember talking in this room a year after the opening of MIA, when there was a conference on museology. Additionally, we participated in exhibitions hosted at MIA including the recent Syria Matters. Our teams also have good relations - the team in Qatar has visited the Hermitage. It is a good and permanent partnership by two wonderful museums.”

The collaboration between MIA and the Hermitage Museum is a testament to the lasting legacy of the Year of Culture programme, of which Russia was a partner country in 2018.