Posted on May 17, 2018

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued a list of safety measures to be followed during Ramadan. “Achieving general safety during the holy month is a very important matter, whether it is at home, the workplace, in markets or on the road,” the advisory issued by the MoI’s Public Relations Department said.

Ensuring the availability of a functioning fire extinguisher in houses and workplaces, having proper knowledge of how it is used, good electrical connections, a safe gas connection inside the kitchen, not leaving cooking pans on the stove for a long period without surveillance, switching off the stove immediately after cooking, switching on the exhaust fan, monitoring children in the kitchen and being alert while cooking are some of the safety measures that should be taken to ensure general safety, according to the Ministry.

Motorists, in particular, have been requested to strictly follow all traffic rules and regulations, especially not over-speeding before Iftar time, not parking vehicles wrongly in front of mosques during the night prayer, not occupying parking slots meant for persons with special needs, giving way to emergency vehicles and guaranteeing the rights of pedestrians. “In addition, we would like to request heavy vehicle drivers to follow the no-entry timings,” the advisory stressed.

Traffic safety

The MoI has advised that it is better to start early before Iftar time as the period before the breaking of the fast is considered the most vulnerable time for traffic accidents during the holy month of Ramadan. On children’s safety, it has said kids should be allowed to play in designated areas only and playing on internal roads in residential areas should be avoided, especially during the night, in order to ensure their safety and prevent road accidents. For motorists, the advisory states: “Please avoid wrong parking of vehicles, obstructing traffic movement on the road, especially during night prayers (Taraweeh), midnight prayers or Iftar gatherings.”  

Pedestrians should ensure that roads are completely free from vehicles on both sides, especially during peak hours, before crossing them. They should also cross roads only through designated areas. Further, the advisory says people should avoid last-day shopping for Ramadan and Eid and finish it early enough to avoid traffic jams and having to park in no-parking zones because of the heavy rush. “Don’t let children play on internal roads in residential areas especially, during the night, in order to ensure their safety from traffic accidents,” it adds, stressing that kids should be allowed to play only in areas designated for such purposes. 

The traffic safety tips also cover the Garangao celebrations as well. “The Qatari society celebrates Garangao night on the 15th night of Ramadan. During this occasion, children will be walking around residential areas to collect sweets and gifts offered by neighbours,” the advisory notes. “Hence, please be extra cautious while driving on the road during this night and please take enough safety measures for ensuring the safety of small children and for avoiding any kind of road accidents.”

Protection from fires in the kitchen

“Please equip your house with a suitable fire extinguisher and ensure its validity and functionality,” the MoI has said. “Don’t leave children alone in the kitchen, or near hot and burning materials or electrical power sources.” “When cooking, don’t wear flowing dresses or nylon mixed wear as these may catch fire quickly,” it continues. “When a fire breaks out in the oil pan, avoid pouring water into the pan as it ignites the fire. Cover the burning pan by placing the nearest thick lid on it or cover it with a fire blanket.”

When a fire breaks out in the trash bin, one should cover the burning bin immediately with a damp cloth for preventing oxygen from aiding the fire. Further, the MoI has said if one smells gas odour, one should immediately open all doors and windows to reduce concentration of the leaked gas and never use a burning matchstick near the gas cylinder to locate the leakage spot. “Avoid switching on the exhaust fan for ventilation and don’t switch on lights as they may serve as points of ignition for the highly inflammable gas,” it adds.

Protection from food poisoning

People have been advised to check the validity of canned, frozen and preserved foodstuff and also make sure that there no changes in their smell, colour or texture. “In addition, please ensure that the foodstuff has been kept in a clean and closed place or in the refrigerator; and the place and food are clean and neat whenever you dine out,” the advisory adds.+


“Begging is considered a reprehensible behaviour. If you see somebody begging, please report to the Anti-Begging Section at the Criminal Investigation Department, Ministry of Interior, on 2347444/ 33618627. Approved charity organisations are the official agencies in the country to help the needy and poor people,” the advisory points out.


In case of an emergency, people should act wisely and not get scared, the advisory says. They should immediately call the emergency number, 999. The emergency number for the deaf is 992.

My address 

The MoI has advised people to always keep their address details, such as building number, street number and zone number, with them. “This will help emergency response agencies in Qatar to reach you quickly,” it adds.