Posted on October 17, 2011

Under the guidance of His Excellency Abdulla Mubarak Al Moodadi, the Ministry organized inspection campaign on industrial area in Doha, started in June 24th 2011 and lasted two months.

The aim was to ensure compliance of industrial facilities and warehouses that handle hazardous materials legislation and environmental laws as well as reload this comprehensive of Qatar environmental map, monitoring the environmental situation of the indicated area and increasing the environmental awareness in the industrial fields.

This inspection campaign, which was comprised of experts, specialists, and several groups of environmental sectors, has been formed and chaired by Mr. Abdullah Nasser Al Nuaimi, Director of Environmental Protection. He helped  inspectors  campaign to be connected to the ministry  and provided the database in coordination with other relevant departments under the supervision of Engineer Mr. Hussein Saad, head of industrial inspections.


The campaign visited 964 industrial facilities and warehouses; 306 of them were identical to the conditions. However, 609 industrial facilities were alerted and warned to reform their environmental and management plan according to specific time. The rate of compliance of the industrial facilities was estimated above average.

“Because the ministry strives with great coordination and cooperation with relevant  authorities in state of Qatar to  achieve the balanced progress without harming the environment, thus the ministry will withdraw granted permission of companies who don’t collaborate with the ministry and be converted to the legal authorities  in order to take  right processors”. Mr. Al-Kubaisi  said.