Posted on January 02, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health trained the food inspectors at the Ministry on the inspection system, which is based on analyzing the threats in the field of food safety and audit in different food entities according to HACCP and ISO 22000 standards. 

The Ministry recently organised the third phase of theoretical and practical two-month training for food inspectors as part of the signed agreement between the governments of the State of Qatar and New Zealand in the food safety field. The training was held by AsureQuality, part of the government sector of New Zealand, which specializes in food safety and biosecurity. The importance of the training is in line with the strategy and action plans of the Ministry of Public Health and the Qatar National Vision 2030, and contributes to increasing the competencies and capabilities to keep up with the pace of the latest international systems in food safety control. 

The courses are aimed to develop the food control system and auditing of food establishments, in addition to increasing the competencies of the inspection staff in the ministry. This allows the food inspectors to acquire expertise and skills in the field of inspection, food control, to increase their knowledge of the risks related to food and to focus on their sources during the inspection visits which saves time and ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the control process. The course focused on a number of points, including the adoption of a mechanism for classification of food establishments, determining the availability of control over these establishments based on the set classification and training inspectors based on risk analysis, through field visits.