Posted on September 16, 2016

The Ministry of Interior has warned motorists against parking haphazardly at public places and shopping complexes. “Some motorists resort to wrong and random parking near malls and shopping complexes which block traffic or close the way in front of other vehicles,” said the ministry in a post on its Facebook page. “Wrong parking is a violation of traffic laws. Motorist should ensure proper parking in designated areas so that it won’t affect traffic or block way in front of others,” it added.

Motorists have also been warned against parking in slots reserved for people with disability and to be alert about pedestrians crossing roads. With an increase in sea-goers during the Eid holidays, the ministry has urged safe use of jet skis and water scooters. An advisory posted by the General Administration of Coasts and Boarders Security on the ministry’s Facebook page said the scooter must be registered with the Ministry of Transport and Communication and registration number plate placed on the front and rear view of the scooter. Life Jackets are to be worn at all times while riding. 

The ignition key should be attached to the driver’s wrist. Scooters mustn’t access restricted swimming, diving or beach and marine events areas and restricted zones. They must stay away from private property and hotels on sea sides. Proper navigation lights should be installed (green on the right, red on the left, white on the back) and scooter users should avoid making acrobatic manoeuvre which can endanger the safety of others in the water. The scooters mustn’t be operated by minors or inexperienced users.

source: The Peninsula