Posted on January 04, 2019

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment represented by General Cleanliness Department has removed 17 abandoned vehicles from Al Shamal Industrial Area.

“The action was taken under a five-day campaign which was implemented in collaboration with Al Shamal Municipality from December 30, 2018 to January 3, 2019,” said Safar Al Shafi, the Director of General Cleanliness Department, in a statement. He said that the campaign aimed at removing abandoned vehicles, boats, porta-cabins and solid wastes like steels and woods and those in front of garages and firms at Al Shamal Industrial Areas.

“A total of 17 abandoned vehicles, a trailer, a porta-cabin and two motorboats were removed,” said Al Shafi, adding that the owners have taken away over 45 erring motorboats and 26 porta-cabins which received the warning stickers. He said that the owners of garages took 34 abandoned vehicles inside their facilities. “The inspectors issued warning and notice to erring garages, workshops and commercial firms. Over 90 warning stickers were issued to abandoned vehicles, motorboats and porta-cabins,” said Al Shafi. 

He said that the workers cleaned and swept the road and removed waste after removing abandoned vehicles. “The campaign made remarkable achievements as the area became clean within a short period of time,” said Al Shafi, calling the owners of garages and workshops to maintain hygiene and cooperate with authorities concerned to avoid legal action.

source: The Peninsula