Posted on May 18, 2018
Ministry of Municipality and Environment has restored a mangrove of Avicennia trees locally known as Quram, at Al Ruwais coastal area under a 17-day long campaign. The Agricultural Affairs Department in collaboration with Al Shamal Municipality and General Cleanliness Department made a waterway between mangrove by pruning trees and shifted those mangroves which were less than a meter in length, to increase the flow of sea water to the site.
“The action was taken following the complaints of the residents of Al Ruwais about the waste around the mangrove,” said Yusuf Khalid Al Khulaifi, Director of Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry. He said that the surrounding area of mangrove was cleaned up from the waste caused by the visitors and the avicennia trees were sprayed with pesticide. Ministry of Municipality and Environment formed a working team to conduct a study on Avicennia trees at Al Ruwais according to the Ministerial Decision No. 17 of 2017, said Al Khulaifi. He said that the team comprises of concerned department at the Ministry including Agricultural Affairs Department, Fish Wealth Department, General Cleanliness Department and Services Affairs Department at Al Shamal Municipality.
“The team was assigned to bring about the solution and implement the plan for cleaning Al Ruwais coastal area in collaboration with Environment Evaluation Department and the Representative of Central Municipal Council (CMC),” said Al Khulaifi. He said that Ministry of Municipality and Environment gave great importance to the conservation of Avicennia trees and cleaning out the surrounding coastal areas as it is natural reserve and important tourist place. The Ministry of Municipality and Environment urged the visitors of Al Ruwais coastal area for cooperation in providing suitable environment to the Avicennia trees by throwing waste only at designated placed and dustbins.
Al Ruwais coastal area attracts a big number of visitors; citizens, expatriates, families and individuals at weekend and vacations due to greenery. The visitors lauded the initiative of the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in cleaning and restoring the mangrove. “I take my family on picnic to Al Ruwais coastal area many times during the winter,” Abdurrahaim Rezwi, an expatriate hailing from Pakistan told The Peninsula. “My wife and children are very fond of this place because of water and greenery here,” said Rezwi.
According to the research reports, Avicennia contains mangrove trees and it is  among the most salt tolerant mangroves and are often the first to colonise new deposits of sediment. The sap is salty and excess salt is secreted through the leaves. The spreading root system provides stability in shifting substrates. According to the experts, mangroves are very useful for various reasons as they provide coastal protection. Mangroves provide a refuge from ocean acidification and serve as a habitat and nursery ground for fish and other marine species, supporting fisheries and livelihoods.
source: The Peninsula