Posted on July 02, 2014

Mrs. Fayqa Ashkanani, Director of Planning and Quality Department in the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning (MMUP), has announced that all inspection operations conducted by the ministry are to adopt an electronic system. “A window will be allocated for consulting firms to follow up on their transactions and ensuring the implementation of the operations on the due course,” said Ashkanani.

In the same context, all inspection procedures have been updated and unified inside the ministry. Meanwhile, the internal operations, human resources and work environment have been developed to enhance customer satisfaction.

Last Minute Deals from Kuwait

“A field survey was conducted to measure customer satisfaction with regard to the services presented by the ministry through its different departments and municipalities,” she added. “The mission of the Planning and Quality Department lies in promoting quality and translating it into action to be experienced by the staff of the ministry to enhance the services and the efficiency of all administrative units to accomplish their work with high quality,” she pointed out.

“A comprehensive statistical report on all activities and services of the ministry was issued to be within the reach of the officials and decision-makers,” she concluded.