Posted on October 27, 2011

The ministry of environment have obtained  shield of e- Government Web Awards  in 2011 about ministry’s website during the ceremony which organized by  The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO)  in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt.

Many dignitaries and representative of the winning countries, Dr. Refaat Abdel-Halim Faouri, General Director of  The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO ), Mr. Piero Tawfiq Moukarzel (The Chairman of Web Awards Academy), Sharifa Al-Sulati (Ministry of Qatar Environment, Website Supervisor), Dr. Abdelrahim Mohamed Zaki Alam (Supervisor of the technical secretariat of the award) as well as ambassadors.


The competition of e-government Web Awards in Arab region has been launched with the cooperation between (ARADO) and Web Awards Academy. Worth mentioning, the (ARADO) is considered as a specialized organization for the League of Arab States, founded in 1961.

Furthermore, this organization is responsible for enhancing the administrative, social and economic development through boosting the adequacy of Arab administration in diverse development sectors and institutions in Arab world.