Posted on June 23, 2018

Location: Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art


In brief: Leading modernist artist Mohammed Melehi’s work is currently on show at Mathaf: Museum of Modern Art as one of the Focus exhibitions, dedicated to pioneering regional artists. ‘Mohammed Melehi: 1959-1971’ features 13 works from the Mathaf collection, including Formation (1959) and Al-Maghrib al-Aqṣá (The Farthest West) (1970-71), which trace Mr. Melehi’s curiosity with ideological, scientific and political systems in modern society. This perspective was shaped by formative periods living in Europe (1955-1962) and the USA (1962-64), before returning to Morocco in 1964, experiences that were grounded in the context of major geopolitical changes and events such as the Cold War, the independence of Morocco and Algeria, and the 1967 War.




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10 September 2017 till 25 September 2018