Posted on August 25, 2014

Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) have released the Monthly Producer Price Index (PPI) of the Industrial sector which covers Mining, Electricity & Water and Manufacturing activities, for June, 2014. This indicator is a measure of the average changes in selling prices received by domestic producers for their output. The PPI for June, 2014 stands at 171.3, which shows an increase of 0.6% over the PPI of May 2014; and an increase of 4.1% (year-on-year) when compared to the PPI of June 2013.

 The overall PPI for June, 2014 has an increase by 0.6% (month-on-month) over the PPI of May 2014. “Mining” group (with a weight of 77%), PPI shows a rise of 0.7% over the PPI of May 2014. The increasing price shows in: Crude petroleum and natural gas by 0.7%.

“Manufacturing” group (with a weight of 21%), PPI shows a rise of 0.1%.The increasing prices is explained by the combined effect of increasing prices seen in Refined Petroleum products by 0.8%, Dairy products by 0.6%, Grain mill and other products by 0.4%. Beverages and Basic Chemicals increased by 0.2% for both. On the other decreasing prices noted in Basic Metals by 4.0% and “Cement and other non-metallic products” by 0.4%. “Electricity and water” group (with 2.0% weightage), PPI has increased by 0.8%, primarily due to the overall price increase seen in the “Electrical Energy” group by 1.9% and decrease prices seen in water by 1.1%.

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The overall PPI of June, 2014, compared to the PPI of June, 2013, has increased (year-on year) by 4.1%. The “Mining” group PPI shows an increase of 4.2%, primarily due to the price increase seen in “Crude petroleum and natural gas” group by the same percentage. The “Manufacturing” group PPI shows an increase of 3.9% in June, 2014, when compared to the PPI of June, 2013.

The major groups which explain this price rise include: Basic chemicals by 9.2%, Refined Petroleum Products by 2.5%, Basic Metals by 2.3% and Grain mill and other products by 1.3%. However, prices decline are noticed in Beverages by 3.2%. The PPI for “Electricity & Water” shows a decrease of 3.3%, resulting from the effect of price fall seen in Electricity by 4.1%, and Water by 1.8%. 

Further details on monthly/annual comparison of indices are available in Table (1) and figures (1) and (2) of the Press Release. More detailed data and indexes are available on the Ministry’s website: and QALM:

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