Posted on June 01, 2014

Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) have released the Monthly Producer Price Index (PPI) of the Industrial sector which covers Mining, Electricity & Water and Manufacturing activities, for March, 2014. This indicator is a measure of the average changes in selling prices received by domestic producers for their output. The PPI for March, 2014 stands at 175.2, which shows decreases of 1.1% and 0.4% when compared to the PPIs of February 2014 and of March 2013 respectively.

The overall PPI for March, 2014 has declined by 1.1% over the PPI of February 2014. “Mining” group (with 77% weightage) PPI has decreased by 0.4%, primarily due to the overall price decrease seen in the “Crude petroleum and natural gas” group by the same percentage. “Manufacturing” group (with a weight of 21%) shows a decline of 4.7%. The fall is explained by the combined effect of decreasing prices, seen in: Refined Petroleum products by 6.2%, Basic Metals by 2.9%, Cement and other non-metallic products by 1.9%, Basic Chemicals by 2.2%, Beverages by 1.3% and Dairy Products by 0.1%.

The PPI for “Electricity & Water” shows a decline of 1.2%, resulting from the price falls seen in electricity and water by 1.1% each. The overall PPI of March, 2014, compared to the PPI of March, 2013, has decreased by 0.4%. The “Mining” group PPI shows a decrease of 0.2%, primarily due to the price fall seen in “Crude petroleum and natural gas” group by the similar percentage.

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The “Manufacturing” group PPI shows a decrease of 1.6% in March, 2014, when compared to the PPI of March, 2013. The major groups which explain this price decline include: refined petroleum products by 5.0%, Dairy products by 2.8%, Beverages by 2.1% and Cement and other non-metallic products by 0.2%, However, prices rises are noticed in Basic metals by 8.4%, Basic chemicals by 3.6%, Grain mill and other products by 0.8%.

The PPI for “Electricity & Water”, showed an increase of 0.5%, resulting from the combined effect of price rise seen in water by 4.4% and price fall noticed in electricity by 1.7%. Further details on monthly/annual comparison of indices are available in Table (1) and figures (1) and (2) of the Press Release. (click here to view the tables and figures).

More detailed data and indexes are available on the Ministry’s website: and QALM: