Posted on December 22, 2010

Vodafone Qatar successfully handled a total of 8,257,874 calling minutes on Qatar National Day- 18 December. With Vodafone’s incredible calling offer of 45 Dirhams a minute to anywhere in the world, the majority of these calls were international; a new record volume and milestone in international calling for Vodafone Qatar

To put this achievement into perspective, Vodafone India normally carriers 2.5 million international minutes a day, Vodafone Egypt 1 million a day and Vodafone UK 2 million a day so Vodafone Qatar actually delivered more international traffic than three of their largest Operating Companies combined.

This major achievement is a result of Vodafone Qatar’s continuous expansion of their international capacity on its network. Vodafone Qatar has several major bi-lateral contracts in place in the GCC that have helped with sending and receiving direct international calling traffic in the region.

Vodafone also has high-capacity connections at international hubs in London and more recently in Hong Kong where it is able to hand off traffic for international delivery, which enables Vodafone Qatar to give customers a great experience by improving quality while continuing to offer great value.

“We are thrilled that our customers were able to share their pride with the world on Qatar National Day.  The huge calling traffic handled by the Vodafone is testament to the strength of the Vodafone network and we are committed to making continuous enhancements that will always deliver a great customer experience,” said John Tombleson, Acting CEO, Vodafone Qatar.