Posted on November 23, 2018

During a press event at Aspetar, Qatar’s leading orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, Tottenham Hotspur’s midfielder Mousa Dembélé shared updates on progress of his recovery from a recent ankle injury, saying that his rehab and treatment are on track.

Dembélé noted that he is improving rapidly as a result of his personalised comprehensive programme with Aspetar Ankle injury experts and that he is happy with the progress achieved so far. “I wanted to receive the best treatment. That’s why I came to Aspetar. I am very happy with everything here. I work with several specialists who take care of different aspects of my health and fitness,” Dembélé said. While sharing his impressions about Qatar, Dembélé noted that: “This is my first time in Qatar. You can see that it’s a very organised country and that its people love sports. I feel the motivation to deliver the best World Cup and I am excited to see this happen. My personal view is also reflected in the many Belgian expats living in Qatar, from our Ambassador, who told me he is enjoying his stay in Qatar, to other compatriots I met working here.”

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When asked if he would recommend for other athletes to come to Qatar for rehabilitation, Dembélé said: “I would 100% recommend for my peers and colleagues to come to Qatar. It’s a good place, everybody here makes you feel at home. They really focus on the player and I think the environment is very healthy as well. Changing the environment is good for both mental and physical health and encourages oneself to work hard. I am excited to go back and to show that I am really doing well,” Dembélé commented. Commenting on Tottenham Hotspur’s performance in the Premiere League, Dembélé said: “Our focus is always on the next game and I think we have all the ingredients to have a positive future: we train hard, we have a new stadium opening soon, we have very good players, and we play very positive football. I like what Tottenham is doing by building a stable environment and infrastructure around football and our players.”

Dembélé also reflected on Belgium’s team performance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia TM, saying: “I think what we did in Russia was an achievement and everyone very proud, but we could have done better. I think we are going to get stronger. There are lots of young players who are joining the team and getting more experience as well. We started very well, and we learned from our mistakes, so I see a bright future for the team.” On Thierry Henry’s move to Monaco, Dembele said: “Obviously he has a different plan, he wanted to be the head coach. For us he did a great job. A lot of players looked up to him, which shows the trust he built among the players.”

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In parallel with Qatar’s emergence as a sports medicine hub, Aspetar has come to occupy a leading role in the treatment and prevention of injuries for local, regional and international athletes across all sports to help them achieve their maximum performance and full potential. Over the past few years, Aspetar has become the destination of choice for treating many of the best-known figures in the game including several Spurs players such as midfielder Harry Winks as well as winger Lucas Moura and defender Serge Aurier when they played for former Club Paris Saint-Germain. They join a long list of players from leading teams around the world who have also travelled to Aspetar.

Aspetar was officially accredited as an International Federation of Association Football™ (FIFA) Medical Centre of Excellence (F-MARC) by FIFA Chief Medical Officer in 2009. Aspetar is the region's first Sports Medicine Centre to receive such an honour and joins a prestigious list of 49 medical centres and clinics worldwide who have also been accredited to this high standard. Aspetar plays an essential role in the development of sports in the State of Qatar and has become a preferred destination for athletes to experience world-class medical service. Shaped by its vision to be a global leader in sports medicine and exercise science by 2020, Aspetar welcomes elite athletes from around the world for treatment purposes.