Posted on November 29, 2018

Mowasalat (Karwa) participated in the activities of the exhibition of the International Traffic Safety Conference 2018.

The event is in line with the need to pay attention to the enhancement of traffic awareness and safe driving on the road through raising awareness among all segments of society and younger generations, besides ensuring drivers’ commitment to traffic safety rules, and contribute to mitigate accidents. In addition, stressing the importance of cooperation and solidarity of all in reducing this negative phenomenon.

Mr. Khalid Nasser Al-Hail, Mowasalat Managing Director & CEO, said that “putting safety measures as a top priority is the most important initiative for us. Our participation in the conference comes through providing a platform for communicating and exchanging experiences with the various participants within the conference and associated workshops. Moreover, to enhance cooperation with various ministries and governmental entities to achieve the intended objective from such conferences, which is to reduce mortalities and traffic accidents that in turn reflects our readiness to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup and achieve Qatar Vision 2030.”

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Mowasalat participation is intended to contribute to traffic awareness among the members of the society, to preserve the lives of passengers and to reduce accidents by applying the highest standards of driving training, especially for public transport, taxis and school buses’ drivers. Those drivers undergo intensive training sessions before starting their work. This makes traffic safety a top priority in applying the highest standards of training to reduce and prevent accidents. Mowasalat team explained and distributed flyers of various services of the company including public transport, school transportation and taxis. They also elaborated safety standards applied in all buses in terms of seat belts, emergency exits and glass breakers, also they presented the technical and mechanical specifications such as automatic fire extinguishing system in engine compartment, the advanced mechanism for wheels fastening and many other safety specifications.

Since 2006, Mowasalat represented by Karwa Driving School has added and updated many training programs, including new programs designed with specialized modules for training drivers on handling major international events, forums and conferences of all kinds, such as the 15th Asian Games - Doha 2006, the handball World Cup 2015, and other national and international events hosted in Qatar, as part of the country's preparations to host FIFA World Cup 2022.