Posted on October 23, 2011

Msheireb Properties announced today that it had reached a significant safety milestone by registering ten million hours worked on its flagship Msheireb Downtown site without a single Lost Time Incident or Injury on Phase 1A. 

This accomplishment is a result of the company's adherence to strict local and international Health and Safety Regulations and adoption of strict inspection, reporting, third party audit backed up by rigorous training programmes.

Lost Time Incident/Injury (LTI) is an important measure of on-site safety, indicating the total man hours worked on the project without any downtime that is the result of an accident or injury.

The accomplishment goes hand in hand with an initiative launched by Msheireb to reward workers and contractors for excellence in on-site safety. Under the Msheireb Properties Safety Awards Program, workers receive a collective achievement award on passing pre-set milestones and individual achievement awards to recognize a single worker’s strict adherence to safety instructions. Prizes include pre-paid phone cards, shopping vouchers, cinema tickets and household goods.

The Contractors Award, audited by the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Department is presented to one contractor each quarter in the form of a specially commissioned Msheireb Properties Safety Trophy and certificate. 

Mohammad Al Marri, Project Director of Msheireb Properties said, “This milestone is a reflection of the strict local and international standards that we have applied throughout the project and emphasises  our commitment to the highest standards of safety management and the welfare of all our workers, contractors and associates on the project.


This achievement is also a reinforcement of the care and attention taken by Msheireb Properties on all works and planning, with a health and safety policy that is amongst the most strict in the world.”

“The HSE commitment at Msheireb Properties extends not only to those employed directly by Msheireb, but those employed by contractors. We are keen on ensuring that all new hires go through an induction training prior to their involvement in the project. The procedures in place include daily toolbox talks by the supervisors and weekly ones by the HSE staff, risk assessment conducted  by each contractor, daily inspection of the work area carried out by the HSE staff to identify unsafe conditions and acts, and the undertaking of external audit on a quarterly basis,” concluded Al Marri.

This vital safety milestone comes on the back of several recent announcements by Msheireb Properties, including the appointment of a specialised team to restore historic buildings within Msheireb Downtown development and the launch of free IT training courses to on-site workers to help in educating them and adding to their professional skill set.