Posted on October 11, 2014
Wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company (Muntajat) QJSC, Muntajat BV Saturday announced opening of 10 new marketing offices in Asia and Africa.
The new locations are Casablanca in Morocco, Colombo, Bangkok, Dubai, Mumbai, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta and Karachi. The ten offices will serve 18 countries. The new offices add to the growing global network of offices that market Qatar’s high-quality chemicals, polymer and fertiliser products. The 10 new offices add to existing offices in Australia, Malaysia, Jordan, South Africa and Turkey, the company said. HE the Minister of Energy and Industry and Chairman of Muntajat’s Board of Directors, Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al Sada, hailed the expansion to broaden the company’s international reach.
Dr Al-Sada said, "This offers new global marketing avenues for the 'Made in Qatar' brand. It will help position the State of Qatar as a reliable provider of a diverse portfolio of high-quality chemical and petrochemical products." Muntajat Chief Executive Officer Abdulrahman Ali Al Abdulla said, "Muntajat serves customers in more than 120 countries. With more offices expected to open before the end of year, we are on track in growing our international reach, and continuing to develop new opportunities for Qatar’s downstream industry." Set up July 1, 2013, Muntajat BV has its headquarters at The World Trade Center, in The Hague, Netherlands. With these new openings, Muntajat B.V. now has 15 offices worldwide.
Commenting on the expansion, Muntajat Executive Director, Marketing and Sales Yousef Jeham Al Kuwari said, "The global demand for chemical and petrochemical products is on the rise. "With our further expansion into Middle East, North Africa and Asia, we bring our operation closer to our customers in the region and move closer to fulfill our ambition in becoming a leading marketer of chemicals and petrochemicals worldwide." Muntajat, launched in 2012, is the gateway to the chemicals, polymers, and fertilisers produced in Qatar to the global market. Expanding its marketing activities, the Muntajat subsidiary is building its global presence by setting up a network of Local Marketing Offices that will serve local customers, and those in countries nearby.

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The newly set up offices will serve customers and promote Muntajat products in each of their respective countries as well as neighbouring markets; the Casablanca office will serve Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Tunisia. The Colombo office will serve the markets of Sri Lanka and Maldives. The Mumbai office will service the Indian, Nepali, and Bhutanese markets and the Karachi office will serve Pakistan and Afghanistan, the company said. The offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai will cater to customers in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. Offices in Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok will focus on servicing their own respective countries. 
Qatar, a world leader in natural gas production, is also a major producer of chemicals and petrochemicals. The country expects to more than double by 2020 its current chemical and petrochemical exports of 10 million tonnes. With growing global demand for chemicals, polymers and fertilisers, Qatar's increasing production is supplying and supporting the growth of a wide number of industries around the world. Qatar is investing $25 Billion in petrochemicals until 2020. This is to diversify its economy and to increase its global market share in chemicals and petrochemicals industries, the company said.