Posted on December 29, 2018

Mwani Qatar CEO Captain Abdullah al Khanji said the port had been able to secure a large range of the local market requirements of foodstuffs, building materials and other goods since the imposition of the unjust siege on Qatar, thus strengthening its status as a vital regional trade port.

Mwani Qatar, as per the strategic plan of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, would consolidate its achievements by providing safe and ideal solutions to its customers to achieve a stable and reliable supply chain to meet the growing needs of the local market at all times and in all circumstances. He pointed that the 156,000 square metres second phase expansion of the port would greatly help the flow of goods from the ships directly to the storage area. It will also help in facilitating the loading process and storing the goods into an integrated storage area, while also establishing a sophisticated customs platform to help increase the volume of goods and handling.

Khanji said Al-Ruwais has played a major role during the siege contributing to the processes of import and export. Al-Ruwais Port, the second commercial port, is located on the northern tip of Qatar. The port plays the role of an additional access facility to promote the regional commercial shipments and to revive and invigorate the economy of the northern part of Qatar. Besides the usual handling of general cargoes, the port is now handling the increased demand of foodstuff and other commodities. Al-Ruwais Port has recently witnessed substantial improvements by Mwani Qatar in an effort to rehabilitate and align it with international ports standards. 

The navigation channel at Al-Ruwais Port is dredged to five metres, new docks are built at seven metres depth and six marine berths constructed at a combined total length of 1,414 metres to accommodate commercial vessels.

source: Qatar Tribune