Posted on July 22, 2013

Nakilat, Qatar’s premier shipping, ship repair and ship construction company, celebrated Garangao yesterday by inviting employees and their families for an evening of gift-giving and traditional food, songs and games.

Falling mid-way through the Holy Month of Ramadan, the children’s festival of Garangao is a traditional Qatari celebration.2013 marks the second year that Nakilat has celebrated Garangao.

Nakilat’s Managing Director, Muhammad Ghannam said: “We are happy to be sharing this traditional festival with our employees and their families, both local and international. Garangao is an excellent occasion for reinforcing Qatari traditions and for promoting a sense of community among our employees.”

Nakilat’s Deputy Managing Director, Abdullah Al Sulaiti commented: “Nakilat has built upon the success of last year’s Garangao celebration to reaffirm the importance of this Qatari custom by bringing together our employees and sharing with them our traditions, like a family.”