Posted on March 11, 2017

Nama Center, one of Qatar Foundation for Social Work’s Centers, has concluded the activities of its ‘Sakik’ life skills development program, which targeted preparatory school students in Qatar with the aim of improving and strengthening their life skills covering psychological, social, communication, and cognitive aspects. The program springs from the key role such skills play in empowering youth to overcome challenges, and work positively to discover their potential and develop themselves as active and productive members of their community.

‘Sakik’ program seeks to achieve a number of objectives, which include providing students with the skills necessary to take steps toward achieving their goals, as well as help them to better understand sound personal behavior and boost their self-esteem and their potential, thereby contributing to expanding the horizon of their ambitions and drives them to make more effort towards building a brighter future for themselves and society as a whole. ‘Sakik’ targeted six schools in Qatar – three for boys and three for girls – with nearly 315 students taking part in the training program, through the organization of training workshops for each school, in collaboration with a specialized training center and a group of certified coaches in Qatar.

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Through training workshops, the coaches have worked to help students unleash their potential and to pave the way for them towards creating positive change in their lives, by stimulating their thinking, emotions, and behavior, to reach the desired results, using active listening skills, raising stimulating questions, along with a group of other training tools and models. The training workshops also focused on motivating students and guiding them to improve their performance and achievements in life in general, while raising their level of self-awareness by discovering their strengths and weaknesses, identifying the obstacles and challenges they face, and exploring their interests, thereby bridging the distance between their present performance and their target performance level, and achieving the results they aspire to in the various aspects of life.

‘Sakik’ program is held in line with NAMA’s vision to play the role of the engine in the wheel of development and prosperity in the State of Qatar, through a sound investment in human capital, represented by Qatar’s younger generations, where NAMA works on the empowerment of youth, boosting their capabilities, and investing in their capacity, by identifying channels and programs that contribute to the activation of their participation in community development and their effective contribution to achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030, as they are considered the essential foundation to take responsibility for the achievement of the sustainable development goals, since they are the most dynamic segment in the community with the necessary physical and mental potential, creativity, and the capacity to give.