Posted on December 14, 2019

A celebration of national pride united the people of Qatar as the third edition of Team Qatar’s Flag Relay weaved its way through the country – including Qatar Foundation’s Education City.

The event, organized by Qatar Olympic Committee, forms part of the Qatar National Day celebrations and sees athletes, public figures, celebrities, and people from all corners of the Qatar community participate in carrying Qatar’s national flag through the country, with Education City forming a stage of the relay route.

National unity and pride on display 2 [].jpg

On its arrival at Education City, the flag was carried to Oxygen Park and received by Mrs. Machaille Al-Naimi, President of Community Development at Qatar Foundation. It was then taken forward to Al Shaqab equestrian center, before being carried on horseback to the Education City Stadium and passed to the Qatar Cyclists team, who rode the flag to its next relay destination. Among those participating in the Qatar Foundation (QF) stage of the relay was Qatari athlete Mariam Farid, who said: “The Flag Relay is a great opportunity for all of us in our community to unite. “Whether we are Qatari nationals or from outside Qatar, we have come together to raise Qatar’s flag high, and this is the least we can do to show our love and loyalty to this country.”

Farid’s fellow Qatari athlete Abdulrahman Samba said: “As we head toward Qatar National Day, the Flag Relay is an extremely important and exciting experience, and it is an honor for any athlete to participate in carrying the flag across the country. Hamad Abdullah Al-Naimi, a Grade 6 student at Qatar Academy Doha, part of QF’s Pre-University Education, said he was delighted to be part of the relay stage at Education City. “It is the first time I have participated in this event,” he said. “I am very happy that it is taking place at Education City, and I hope that I can participate again in the future.”

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Cyclist Ammar Mohammed said: “This is the third year in a row that we have participated in the Flag Relay, and the event is constantly developing, especially in terms of the number of participants. “What is interesting about this event is how the spirit of Qatar National Day is mixed with a message about the benefit of sport and exercise, all of which means a lot to us.” In addition to representing its support for Qatar National Day, QF’s involvement in the Flag Relay reflects its commitment to cultivating a strong, active, and engaged society in Qatar, and its promotion of sport and healthy lifestyles and the importance of community interaction.