Posted on June 08, 2016

The introduction of new clinics and services at Women’s Hospital has driven improvements in the delivery of high quality patient care to the women in Qatar, according to Dr. Huda Abdullah Saleh (pictured), Senior Consultant Gynecologist and Executive Director of Quality and Safety at Women’s Hospital.

According to Dr. Saleh, recent improvements include the introduction of clinics in the Outpatient Department at Women’s Hospital focusing on subspecialties in Urogynecology, in addition to regular clinics that cover Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Saleh also highlighted that the introduction of the new Clinical Information System (CIS) – which has been rolled out across all HMC hospitals – has made a real difference. The CIS ensures all patient records are stored and accessed electronically, meaning clinicians have a patient’s health record at their fingertips. 

“The recent implementation of CIS at Women’s Hospital has significantly helped improve the quality of healthcare services provided to our patients,” Dr. Saleh said. “The use of electronic health records means that the potential margin of error during the manual recording of patient information will now be minimal. It has also helped reduce waiting times for patients whilst ensuring the provision of safe and effective care,” Dr. Saleh said.

The Emergency Department at Women’s Hospital witnessed significant improvements in delivering effective and timely care after increasing the number of on duty doctors on evening shifts, which is the peak period, Dr. Saleh explained. “This has significantly reduced waiting times in the Emergency Department, especially with the introduction of the triage system, which ensures that patients are seen according to clinical priority,” Dr. Saleh said, noting that the Quality and Safety Department is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the triage system.

“Women’s Hospital is one of the busiest maternity hospitals in the world. Last year, we saw about 70,000 patients in our Emergency Department and delivered 15,000 babies,” she added.