Posted on December 31, 2016

Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Al Atiq, Assistant Director General of the Department of Border, Passport and Expatriates Affairs, yesterday opened the new premises of the women’s reception / waiting area at the Search and Follow Up Department.

The facility also includes finger printing and case study sections. Brig Al Atiq said that the Department has witnessed continuous development and expansion in buildings with addition of several new facilities. The Department receives expatriates violating the residency law and processes their requests for departure within 48 hours without keeping them in the premises for long. The Department premises have been fully renovated, with beds, dining halls, mosques, entertainment areas, clinics, among other facilities.

The Department has set up a new commercial complex within the premises, with food items, other essential commodities, garments among other items to meet the daily requirements of the inmates. The inmates have also been provided with telephone facilities to keep in touch with their near and dear ones back home. Brigadier Abdullah Jaber Al Labda, in charge of the Ministry of Interior's Search and Follow Up Department was present at the opening ceremony.

source: The Peninsula