Posted on August 04, 2013

Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation “Kahramaa”, through its Conservation & Energy Efficiency Department managed to set standard specifications for Air conditioners energy efficiency. The new standards are approved by World Trade Organization (WTO) under QS SASO 2663/2013. Standards, set in collaboration with concerned authorities, will be effective soon. The minimum energy efficiency star rating classification for air conditioners in Qatar is three (equal to Energy Efficiency Ratio EER: 8.5).

The standards were set after detailed study of energy efficiency systems for air conditions in Qatar. Energy efficiency labeling for air conditioners will be done to help customers determine the ideal air conditioners in terms of energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions.

Ban of non applicable products:

In coordination with the concerned authorities, appliances not applicable to the new standards will be banned to enter the Qatari market. Air conditioners consume about 65% of total electricity consumption especially in summer. non conserving air conditions should waste power and incur high operational cost at houses, commercial institutions, and factories. Unfortunately, the percentage of non conserving appliances is not acceptable.


Energy efficiency labeling

The energy efficiency labeling system demonstrates energy efficiency and saving. Qatari energy efficiency system contains four classifications (from three to six). The three star air conditioner (equal to Energy Efficiency Ratio EER: 8.5) is the minimum allowed energy efficiency rating in Qatar. It reduces power by 12% compared with unclassified appliance. Power saving in six star air conditioner mounts to 32% or more. Once the energy efficiency labeling is activated, non applicable appliances will not be allowed to enter the Qatari market in coordination with the concerned authorities where pre approval will be required before shipping.

Cooling systems and thermal insulation

Air conditioner energy efficiency classification will be extended to include central cooling system applied widely at commercial and industrial buildings. This step should strengthen State endeavor to reduce environmentally harmful emissions. In this regard, Kahramaa has set ambitious plans and programs to define the approved standards that should be observed to issue a building permit for the thermal insulation of ceilings and walls of under construction buildings. Thermal insulation maintains indoor temperature and reduces demand for cooling by 40%.

An awareness campaign on the energy efficiency classification will be launched for customers to determine the right appliances in terms of energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency labeling for home appliances

Kahramaa beside the new regulations of air conditioners and thermal insulation, work is in progress to set labeling system for other home appliances. In 2014, Kahramaa will approve energy efficiency regulations for refrigerators and freezers. Later on in 2016, washing machines will join. Kahramaa coordinates with relevant world committees to set the Qatari standards in coordination worth Qatari authorities.