Posted on February 16, 2019

The new satellite control station, the teleport, launched on Thursday, provides independence in communication, internet, sounds, especially in crises management, television broadcasting, quality of service and wide geographic coverage, CEO of Qatar Satellite Company Es’hailSat Ali bin Ahmed al Kuwari said. 

The satellite control station has been equipped with the latest technologies to become a milestone in the company’s plan to provide a safe and independent satellite system to meet all the requirements of the customers, he said. Based on the wise vision of the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, the launch aims to promote the Qatar National Vision 2030, and will work on providing satellite control services, communication support services and lunar capacity control, in addition to a wide range of multicast and encryption services designed specifically for partners and customers of the satellite. 

The company currently owns Es’hail -1 and Es’hail - 2, as well as the ability to provide backup studios for television channels and for an emergency broadcasting centre. Kuwari said the control station would be connected to the most important media in Qatar through the fibre optic links allocated to the station, which has been created as part of the company’s vision to diversify the areas of work through signal transmission, which is an additional field that the company made available to customers. The station aims to provide a complete package for customers as the satellite channels need to have the lunar capacity in space and other services on the ground. 

Kuwari said the company is currently evaluating various investment opportunities to support the sustainability of its economic plan in terms of diversifying its sources of income and achieving its strategic objectives. “The company is also in the process of submitting the Es’hail - 3 project proposal which will guarantee coverage of the country’s needs in broadband communications to support complete independence during the 2022 World Cup,” he said. The state-of-the-art control station is designed to provide back-up studios for television channels as well as an emergency broadcasting centre where it will connect with important media in Qatar through fibre optics for the station.

Es’hailSat currently broadcasts a variety of best television channels such as Al Jazeera News, beIn channels and Qatar Media Corporation channels as Es’hail -1 and Es’hail - 2 are designed with the latest anti-jamming technology. With the launch of the teleport, Es’hailSat will be able to provide the best satellite solutions to its customers in the region not only technically but in terms of security. President of the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) Mohammed Ali al Mannai said the satellite control station is a major step forward after the launch of the Qatari satellites Es’hail -1 and Es’hail - 2, which will be controlled by the station, in addition to its work on securing terrestrial communications, the internet and other tasks.

In a statement to the press, he said Qatar currently has a large capacity of communication channels through submarine cables, which is sufficient to meet the current and future demand beyond 2022. The use of submarine cables and satellites in the communications process allows the provision of huge capacity of communication channels and broadcasting.