Posted on July 09, 2016

The traffic signal installed recently at the crowded roundabout at Salwa Road adjacent to Safari Mall near the Industrial Area has considerably eased congestion. Major beneficiaries are motorists coming from Doha and Al Rayan on way to the Industrial Area. 

“Now, there are no traffic jams with hundreds of vehicles waiting for passage. Traffic police vehicles are also out of sight,” said a motorist. “Earlier, one could see impatient motorists frequently changing lanes in mad rush to reach their destinations,” he added. A bridge over the roundabout and a tunnel below have been built to ease vehicular movement. “It was a very painful job to cross this roundabout during peak hours”, said a motorist. “The roundabout is en-route to my children’s school, so I had to negotiate it twice a day. More often, I left home before 6am before the crowd began,” he added. 

“Thank God, authorities realised the problems of motorists and installed the traffic light. Now it’s a matter of a few minutes to pass the roundabout,” said the motorist. “Once I was stuck for more than 20 minutes at the roundabout on my way from Al Rayyan to the Industrial Area. It was around 7am and no traffic policemen were around,” he added. He said roundabouts are good only for less-crowded places because it is impossible to give equal time to motorists coming from all directions. ‘Cop noted down car numbers of violators.’ The road from the Zoo signal through Al Murra to the roundabout was always packed, especially during peak hours.

To avoid the rush, regular users of the route preferred to line up in the last lane, often blocking access to those going to right, regardless of whether they wanted to take left or or a U-turn from the roundabout. “Once I saw a traffic policeman sitting inside his patrol car and noting down the numbers of the vehicles involved in violations,” said another motorist. Those stuck in the long queue in the middle and left lanes were forced to change to the right lane after waiting for long, because the right lane moved faster than the other two, the motorist added.

source: The Peninsula