Posted on June 30, 2017

There is no shortage of medical supplies or medicines because of the blockade imposed on Qatar by some of its neighbouring countries, said pharmacies across the country.

They claim that medicine supply and distribution has not been effected due to the blockade. Although some of the supply routes are affected, it has no impact and there are several alternatives, according to industry sources. Several pharmaceutical experts The Peninsula spoke to also said that, medicines are brought into the country in large stocks and importers have long term contracts signed which cannot be breached. They rejected the notion that the blockade will have an impact on the availability of medicines and medical supplies in the country.

“There is no question about shortage of medicine in the country, there are large stock of drugs available. By the time the stocks are getting over new supply will reach here. If medicines cannot be transported through usual routes, alternative ways will be found,” said medical representative working with a large medicine supplier. “The country has contracts signed with medicines manufactures and suppliers. It’s impossible for them to breach such agreements. More than three weeks have passed after the blockade was imposed and we haven’t noticed any impact in medicine supply. Like everything else medicines will also be available in the country as usual,” he added.

However, some medicines are not available in the market due to different reasons and has no connection to the blockade, say industrial sources. “We have enough medicines in our pharmacies. There is no shortage. Some medicines have a shortage and not available in the market for a while due to different reasons and it has no connection to the crisis,” said a pharmacist attached to the Wellcare Group. Another pharmacist working with a pharmacy inside a leading hypermarket said, “We dispense many prescriptions every day. There is no medicine shortage, there is stock for many months and it’s essential like food and other commodities. In some cases medicines are important than anything else. So in a country like Qatar, there is no possibility to have a medicine shortage, even if there any draw backs due to the blockade, alternative ways will be found.”

Earlier the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), the prime healthcare provider in the country had assured that there would be no shortage of medical supplies or medicines because of the blockade. It said that HMC had stocks of medicines and other important medical supplies for many months and stressed there was no risk on the public health services. Also the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) had confirmed that there was no shortage of drugs as well as delivery and access to medical supplies and medicine continues as usual.

source: The Peninsula