Posted on May 13, 2016

The North Security Department recently launched a mobile office facility that would provide security services to people visiting tourist and recreation spots in the external areas.

In the first stage, the office has started operating in the Al Ghariya area during weekends and official holidays, according to a statement. The new mobile office will receive “simple complaints, provide assistance and find appropriate solutions to some of the problems as well as inform other security authorities, if necessary”, the statement notes. The office is manned by the department’s personnel and includes the necessary technical supplies. It is also electronically linked to police patrols and the Ministry of Interior’s electronic system. 

This will help the office provide the necessary service and help people visiting tourist areas save time and effort by removing the need to go a police station in the city. The move to launch the mobile office reflects the “keenness of the North Security Department to provide security and facilitate  public services based on the principle of decentralisation”, the statement adds.

source: Gulf Times