Posted on March 24, 2016

Research and media projects by students at Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) were awarded for excellence at its sixth annual “Media and Research Awards.” At an awards ceremony held in Education City, students were recognized for exceptional work in several categories including poetry/prose, journalistic writing, research and analysis, documentary, and multi-media. “These awards showcase the research capabilities of our students in the fields of media and research,” said Everette E. Dennis, dean and CEO of NU-Q. “This is an opportunity for the students to exhibit their work and to receive recognition from a panel of independent experts.”

The award categories reflect the university’s media, communications and liberal arts programs. The overarching themes were “The Written Word” and “The Image.” Entries were nominated by faculty and through self-submission, and the winners were selected by an independent panel of expert judges from local and international media influencers and outlets, as well as governmental organizations. Competition was strong for the awards with more than 45 nominations across the two themes.

For “The Written Word,” the winners are:

  • Poetry/Prose - Alya Al Harthy’s for “On the Meaning of the Word Knickerbocker”
  • Script - James Copplestone Farmer’s for “Pawtney Way”
  • Journalistic Writing - Silma Suba for “The Orenda Project: Bringing Education to Pakistani Slums
  • Research and Analysis, Humanities - Ifath Sayed’s for “Women Correspondents at War”
  • Research and Analysis, Social Science - Jueun Choi’s “The Politics of Rentier Benefits and Permanent Residency in Qatar’

NU-Q recognizes students work 2 [].jpg

In work on “The Image,” the winners are:

  • Documentary - Aisha Al Muhannadi’s “Makh'b”
  • Fiction - Muhammad Faizan Shakir, Vibhav Gautam and Urooj Azmi’s “The Tamaashbeens – Duniya Re”
  • Independent - Shahnawaz Zali and Yazan Abugaida’s “100 Steps – Sou Qadam”
  • News - Anzish Mirza’s “Culture Enclosed Within Walls”
  • Multmedia - Jueun Choi and Sara Sawar’s “Religious Tolerance in Qatar”

Among the judges were Yaser Bishr, executive director of strategy & development, Al Jazeera; Abdoulaye Diop, associate research professor, Social and Economic Survey Research Center, Qatar University; Dr. Omar El Farouk Boukhris, director Post Award, Qatar National Research Fund; Dr. Claudia Lux, director, Qatar National Library; Amal Mohammed Al-Malki, dean, Translation and Interpretation Institute, HBKU; Abdullah Baabood, director, Gulf Studies Center, Qatar University.

“I was extremely impressed with the quality of entries for this year’s NU-Q Media and Research Awards,” said Simon Ferguson group chief operating officer for Resolution Films, “The stories were engaging, emotive and really well told. Bravo students and faculty at NU-Q." Nominees in the category “The Written Word” included; Reem Saad, Ifath Sayed, Silma Suba and Youmna Al Gailey for Poetry and Prose; Huda Barakat for Script, Reem Saad and Shakeeb Asrar for Journalistic Writing; Shuhan Zhang and AlReem AlMazroei for Research and Analysis, Humanities and Malak Monir, Shakeeb Asrar and Syed Owais Ali for Research Analysis, Social Science.

Nominees for “The Image” included; Jawaher Al-Moawda and Alessandra El Chanti, Menna Azzam and Sana Mahdi Ansari, Nada Bedair, Shaikha Alderbesti, Shahnawaz Zali and James Copplestone Farmer for Documentary; Syed Owais Ali and Urooj Azmi for Independent; Ifath Syed, Neha Rashid for News; Manar Al-Jamal, Rouda Al-Attiyah and Awad Al Radi, Neha Rashid, Anzish Mirza, Shakeeb Asrar, Omaima Es Samali, Fatima Al-Sulaiti, Aamena Ahmad, Ifath Sayed, Xiran Liu, and Nadine Abulnasr for Multimedia.

“I find this event to be of utmost importance,” said Najlaa Al-Khulaifi, NU-Q Student Union President, class of 2017, communications. “It encourages us to create and grow. We will be adding more opportunities for students to showcase their work and are excited to show the public the caliber of our student work.”

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