Posted on November 28, 2015

A nursing leader at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is highlighting the pivotal role Qatari nurses and midwives are playing in helping to meet the needs of Qatari patients and their families. “Qatari nurses bring a unique understanding and awareness of the local culture and the social and religious needs of Qatari patients and their families. They also help non-Qatari members of their team to understand the requirements of the Qatari population,” said Ms. Somaya Al Haidose (pictured), Assistant Executive Director of Nursing for Patient and Family Education.

As a Qatari nurse, who has been at HMC since 1996, Ms. Al Haidose has led the establishment of Hamad’s patient and family education service and continues to be responsible for steering its development. She also initiated the Corporate Patient and Family Education Committee which works to standardize patient education materials, ensuring they are of high quality, evidence-based and easy to understand for patients and their families.

The Patient and Family Education Department is responsible for implementing education and awareness programs according to the needs of patients and their families, including providing training programs for patient educators and nurses, and driving community health education initiatives. HMC’s patient educators serve thousands of patients each year; helping to ensure they, and their families, have the skills and knowledge required to make informed decisions about their care and to lead healthier lives. Ms. Al Haidose is a role model for patient educators across HMC.

“By providing the knowledge that patients and their families need to prevent health risks and effectively manage their own medical conditions, patient educators contribute significantly to improving our patients’ quality of life,” Ms. Al Haidose explained. Ms. Al Haidose added that HMC is working to recruit and retain more Qatari nurses and midwives in various roles, including patient and family education, in line with its Nursing and Midwifery Strategy 2015-2018. The strategy, released earlier this year, builds on the success of the original strategy and reinforces the priority of providing patients with the best possible care.

“Nursing is a dynamic profession that serves our population by improving their health. I encourage aspiring Qatari nurses to work hard to acquire the best evidence-based practices and education; to provide excellent care and act as role models for future generations. Well-trained, highly qualified Qatari nurses in a variety of roles are driving HMC towards achieving a world-class healthcare system in accordance with the Qatar National Vision 2030,” said Ms. Al Haidose.