Posted on October 25, 2015

Ooredoo hosted its annual “CEO Excellence Awards” at The Sheraton Hotel, Doha, this week, celebrating some of the outstanding contributions made by employees to Ooredoo’s business and to the lives of Ooredoo customers across Qatar. The CEO Excellence Awards represent the highest form of commendation in Ooredoo, and the event was attended by Ooredoo Qatar CEO Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al-Thani, COO Waleed Al Sayed, and senior executives from across the organisation.

At the awards, executives distributed trophies to teams who have been involved in critically-important projects for the company. Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani, CEO, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “In the race for excellence, we are all winners. This year’s CEO Excellence Awards demonstrate the incredible steps we are taking as a company, bringing new innovations into Qatar, delivering better value for customers and the business community, and rolling-out our nationwide Supernet as part of our efforts to make Qatar one of the best-connected nations in the world.”

Ooredoo celebrates at the 2015 2 [].jpg

This year’s winning teams were recognised for their significant contributions in five key areas, each representing a major accomplishment for Ooredoo. The first award of the evening, “Execution Excellence” went to the people responsible for bringing 4G National Coverage and Services LTE 800 to Qatar, which saw Ooredoo become the first operator in Qatar to deliver 4G and 4G+ services. Ooredoo’s Innovation Award went to the team being Ooredoo’s pioneering Managed Wi-Fi Platform and Business Model, which has enhanced the Wi-Fi experience across the country.

In the “Customer Experience” category, Ooredoo rewarded the CRM and One Click Project team, who are working to transform the customer experience. The CEO Excellence Awards also celebrate achievements in “Profitable Growth”, with this year’s award going to the people responsible for Key Business-to-Business Wins. Ooredoo has taken the lead as the preferred communication solutions provider in Qatar, and has provided advanced solutions for a number of leading enterprises in recent years.

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In the final category of the night, “Project Management”, the team responsible for Ooredoo’s Convergent Billing and Bundling project received the award. Each of the CEO Excellence Award-winning teams were distinguished by their collective ability to generate efficiencies within the business; an investment of time well beyond normal duty hours; and by enabling the company to greatly improve efficiency, customer service, operational effectiveness and profitability.

The evening concluded with a keynote speech by COO Waleed Al Sayed, followed by a special dinner for the invitees. “We are driven to make Ooredoo one of the world’s leading communication companies, to enrich the lives of our customers and to bring pride to the people of Qatar,” said Waleed Al Sayed. “These awards show how important individual ambition and innovation are in business success, and also reinforce the importance of teamwork and willingness to strive for our company.”