Posted on August 06, 2013

Ooredoo has successfully completed its annual Summer Internship programme, after accepting some 70 students to work alongside teams across its operations.

Participating students came from colleges within Qatar, such as Qatar University and College of the North Atlantic Qatar, as well as from international institutions. The group of interns included college and high school students from a wide range of disciplines, including engineering, business studies, marketing and finance students.

Ooredoo employees worked as mentors for the students, advising them about the various challenges and opportunities that different careers provide for ambitious young people. During the course of the internship programme, the students were able to learn about the work of a wide range of different departments within Ooredoo, including finance, marketing, technology and human resources.

Ooredoo’s internship programme is an important part of the company’s commitment to finding, developing and retaining Qatari national talent, and has enabled the company to spot the potential of many young leaders in the past. Some of Ooredoo’s leading executives started on the internship programme and grew their careers from there.

Some of the participants in the programme applied for and were chosen to participate following the Qatar Career Fair earlier this year, while some are undergraduates who are being sponsored on their courses by Ooredoo. Others were nominated by their respective universities. As one of Qatar’s largest private employers, Ooredoo is dedicated to Qatarization and the promotion of young talent.

As part of its vision to become the leading employer of choice, the company offers a wide variety of professional development programmes, including “Me and My Company” for developees, the Institute of Leadership and Management Certification programme (ILM) for supervisors and managers, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing certification programme(CIM).

Ooredoo also supports a dedicated Qatari Technical Trainee Exchange Programme and a Value Leader Programme, in partnership with HEC-Paris in Qatar. The company is also a big promoter of international experience for recruits and graduates, hosting development events at its overseas offices and partner companies. 

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