Posted on January 24, 2016

Ooredoo has today announced its plans to continue its transformation of the customer experience in its shops, by introducing new smart solutions to give customers more control over their accounts and greater access to a full range of products and services. One of Ooredoo’s most successful recent innovations has been the launch of the Ooredoo Smart Queue Management Solution, which brings in a whole new experience in managing the customer traffic in Ooredoo shops.

The Ooredoo Smart Queue Management Solution enables customers to be served quickly by taking a Queue Token via the Ooredoo App before arriving at the Ooredoo Shop. The service also allows users to see the number of waiting people in any shop. In addition, Ooredoo will have a special queuing process for Al Nokhba customers, to offer extra rewards for the company’s high-end customer base. With the Ooredoo App, customers can find the nearest shops from their current location, choose the shop they want and time to visit from their mobile or smart device and then simply turn-up at the selected time, saving time and ensuing a fast and effective appointment.

First introduced as a pilot in Ooredoo’s Airport Road and Landmark Shops, the digital innovation has proven so popular – and has been so successful in reducing the customer waiting time – that it led Ooredoo to roll-out the new solution in shops across the country. The app has been developed as part of the company’s vision to have a fully digital, paperless and Smart Queue Management Solution in Ooredoo Shops. Ooredoo will educate customers to utilise the queue feature via the app in Ooredoo Shops to ensure quicker and more effective future visits.

Fatima Sultan Al-Kuwari, Community and Public Relations Director, Ooredoo, said: “Ooredoo is moving towards being one of the leading companies in delivering the best customer experience. A big part of that is introducing solutions that empower people, and enable them to control their experience in-store. Feedback on the Ooredoo Digital Queuing service has been very positive, so we see this as the next big step in all Ooredoo Shops.”

As well as the in-store revamp, Ooredoo is planning an overhaul of its current website, streamlining product pages and services to enhance the experience and ensure all customers fully-understand the services available for them. Ooredoo is the first company in the region to integrate a self-service queuing option into its mobile app, and customers can now choose the branch they want to visit and the time they want to meet with an Ooredoo advisor, saving them time and ensuing a fast and effective appointment.

To make life easier for customers, when they book their appointment via the app, they will receive a photo confirmation on their mobile device. Customers can then scan this when they arrive at their selected Ooredoo Shop, and will receive an SMS when an Ooredoo advisor is ready to meet them.

The mobile app is available for free download on the iTunes Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) now. Customers can also visit for more details.