Posted on February 13, 2021

Ooredoo Qatar, the trusted national telecomms provider, has launched a new publication summarising its capability in delivering Managed Security Services (MSS) to its business customers.

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The document, Managed Security Services in Qatar: Matching Local Compliance with International Best Practices, provides insights into MSS based on research and observation of Ooredoo operations. It has been prepared and authored by the Ooredoo Business Security Services team in collaboration with Global Data, a major international research agency. 

Amid a variety of online risks and attacks of increasing danger and sophistication, MSS provides best practice in the design and management of cyber-security. A key feature of the correct response to these changes is working with a third-party provider throughout the security lifecycle at every stage, from preparation and prevention to response, recovery and continuous improvement. The vitality of this approach is highlighted in the whitepaper, which scrutinises the Ooredoo cyber-security framework, advocates a pro-cyber-security outlook and makes specific recommendations for the adoption of MSS.

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Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Thani, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo, said: “Ooredoo welcomes this whitepaper and encourages enterprises and institutions to read it to better understand the need for Managed Security Services, and the benefits they offer to businesses. In particular, the contents of the whitepaper show business customers exactly why and how Ooredoo became the trusted MSS provider it is today, and why it is the ideal partner for businesses in their quest to ensure cyber-security.”

Business customers can leverage the Ooredoo Advantage, making Ooredoo ‘Best for Business’, thanks to its breadth and depth of talent, best fixed and mobile networks, broadest portfolio of ICT services and solutions, and trusted partner for 60 years.