Posted on June 02, 2013

Ooredoo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), designed to provide first-class training and educational services to its staff and management. The agreement was signed in the presence of Waleed Al Sayed, COO, Ooredoo and Dr. Abdulazziz Al Horr, CEO, The Qatar Finance and Business Academy.

As part of its strategy to become an employer of choice in Qatar, Ooredoo will collaborate with QFBA to provide training sessions and educational courses in business, finance and management for employees. With a particular focus on high-potential Qatari national employees, the agreement is set to play a key role in the company’s long term Qatarization strategy.

The MOU will provide a framework to deliver tailor-made courses and programmes relating to Ooredoo’s technical and developmental needs of staff and management, particularly in the area of finance. Training plans, including basic and advanced levels, will be designed and delivered by QFBA based on needs assessment carried out by the Academy and reviewed by Ooredoo.

“Ooredoo continues to encourage human growth both internally and externally, and our on-going investment in the professional development of our team plays a key role in that,” said Waleed Al Sayed, COO, Ooredoo. “In particular, as our business grows and enters new markets, we want to ensure that our financial planning resources are world-class, and the agreement with QFBA will enable us to deliver the highest standards.”

Dr. Abdulazziz Al Horr, CEO, The Qatar Finance and Business Academy, said: “Our mission is to educate and train financial services professionals to meet the demands of the current and future global business environment, and we are delighted to be working with one of Qatar’s most ambitious and fast-growing businesses.”

QFBA and Ooredoo will join forces to create a learning process, using innovative and relevant learning methodologies, around critical issues facing the company. QFBA is an academy established in Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) that focuses on providing education and training in business and finance.

Undertaking the programmes and training sessions offered by QFBA will allow Ooredoo’s employees and management to deploy a broader skill-set and sharper professional insight to enhance management practices and deliver a higher quality of customer experience.

This MOU is one of many initiatives of Ooredoo’s innovative Talent Development Strategy, promoting professional growth for its employees and enhancing the customer experience by driving effectiveness and efficiency throughout its operations.