Posted on March 03, 2016

Ooredoo has signed a major security agreement with Si, a pioneering solutions provider, which will position Ooredoo as the leader in Managed Security Services provision across the region. The partnership, which was completed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, will provide Ooredoo customers with an enhanced suite of online security services, including 24x7 security incident detection and response services, to keep their data and their businesses safe.

Companies and organisations in the region have come under increasing pressure in recent months as the volume of attempted cyber-attacks has increased. Working with Si, Ooredoo will ensure that, even if there is a security breach, customers will receive an incident report within minutes for serious threats so that they can react immediately to fix the problem. As part of the agreement, customers will be able to benefit from Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a service, accessing around-the-clock monitoring without the need for major hardware investment. In addition, Ooredoo and Si will also offer a Managed Firewall service, deploying the very best talent and technology in the security industry to protect customers’ networks and systems.

Yusuf Abdulla Al Kubaisi, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “We want our customers to be able to focus on their core services, and have the peace of mind of knowing that their systems are being protected and monitored by world-class security experts. This best-in-class agreement with Si means that we are able to offer incredible levels of security around the clock, and enable customers to access these resources through an affordable, scalable model.”

Feras Tappuni, Managing Director, Si, said: “Our company works hard to deliver innovative projects in a simple way, so that customers know what they are getting and receive immediate and sustainable benefits. Ooredoo provides world-class networks supported by strong experience in integrated ICT provision, so together we will be able to deliver the highest level of security and service.” SIEM as a Service from Ooredoo will offer real-time monitoring services that are scalable, compliant, cost effective, and available every minute of every day. The cloud-based service will be secured across Security Operations Centres (SOCs) in Doha.

The Managed Firewall service is also cloud-based, to offer a resilient and dependable service for corporate clients. Ooredoo and Si will provide the resources and expertise to constantly monitor and manage companies’ firewalls, blocking unauthorised access while at the same time enabling secure and uninterrupted outward communication.