Posted on January 16, 2011

The Oryx FM Radio Station , the fruit of parternship held between Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) and Radio France International (RFI), will start broadcasting its numerous programmes all the day round as from tomorrow, Sunday.

The Qatari and French sides on Saturday signed a cooperation agreement to further enhance such a partnership. The Executive chairman of QMC HE Sheikh Jabor Bin Yusuf Al Thani signed for the Qatari side while it was signed for the French side by Alain de Bouzayk, the President and General Manager for Media outside of France. The signing ceremony held at Qatar Broadcasting Service (QBS) premises was attended by French ambassador accredited to Qatar HE Gilles Bonnaud and a number of other officials from QMC and the French outside media.

The Oryx Radio programme plan to broadcast round the clock at 94 fm wave, will broadcast local news and service programmes to be intervened by news bulletin each hour as well as cultural and music programmes made by Radio France International (RFI).

HE Sheikh Jabor Bin Yusuf Al Thani has underlined that the French Speaking Oryx Radio stemmed its name from the Arabian Oryx and is aimed to update its French programme which had been broadcasting previously for three hours a day in addition to improving and promoting the broadcasting programmes and services presented by Radio Qatar or Qatar Broadcasting Service (QBS).

The new broadcasting will cover all the Qatari territories as from tomorrow Sunday and we aspire for widening the circle of radio transmission in the near future to cover the rest of the region to be the first French speaking broadcast speaking in such a language from such a vital area of the world.

''Such a splendid accomplishment falls within the close and constant cooperation between the State of Qatar and the Republic of France", said HE Sheikh Yusuf Bin Jabor Al Thani who also voiced hope that the Oryx Radio programmes will be a bridge for communication and understanding between the Arab and Francophonic cultures. ''Oryx will be broadcasting 24 hours a day. The new radio station plans to expand transmission to the region’s countries'', HE sheikh yusuf added.

Executive President of QMC, Sheikh Jabor bin Yousuf bin Jassim Al Thani conveyed deep thanks and appreciation to the partners from RFI and the Media outside of France for their technical, human and programming support through placing their long and widescale experiences in radio and tv broadcasting to realize such accomplishment . HE sheikh yusuf also hailed whoever contributed to finnish such a splendid feat on part of the french side and all employees working with oryx radio wishing all of them and the new radio service all success.

For his part, Alain de Bouzayk, the President and General Manager for Media outside of France expressed pleasure for such a partnership with Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) hailing qatar''s commitment to double with open-handed and generosity initiatives towards the peoples of the region and world and also through diplomatic mediations. Alain de Bouzayk also praised the qatari faithful , genuine and aspiring approach looking forward to modernity in such area of the world which he described as the lab of globalization.

The President and General Manager for Media outside of France considered oryx radio a splendid and aspiring enterprise for establishing a bridge between for communication and understanding between the Arab and Francophonic cultures. 'It is an honour today for Media outside of France to revitalize the cooperation agreement through launching the ORYX radio FM as the first french speaking one hundred percent broadcasting in the gulf states'', said Alain de Bouzayk stressing however that reviving oryx radio FM is a clearcut proof of qatar's love to Francophonie. He further said that there are more than 120 million viewers and listeners a week watching the media outside France noting in this context that the station / France 24 / which has been born only four years ago , now attracts 23 million viewers whereas Radio France International and its "Monte Carlo" Division attracts about 38 million listeners a week . This in addition to by 55 million viewers each week for TV Monde 5 / station and 5 million visitors to France 24 and more than 4 million visitors to the Radio France International and the TV 5 Monde station. The Oryx Radio station studios are equipped with the latest audio technology and electronic archiving systems.

Speaking to reporters after the signing ceremony, the Executive Chairman of QMC HE Sheikh Jabor Bin Yusuf Al Thani said that the launch of a Qatari satellite in English is imminent. HE Sheikh Yusuf also noted that the broadcast coverage by "Oryx" to the neighbouring countries of Qatar will be less than a year indicating mantime that there is a clearcut plan in this regard. He stressed that such a radio comes to cope with the increase of the French speaking in Qatar and the region and reflect the sincere desire of the State of Qatar in communication with the various cultures of the world, including the Francophonic culture . He noted that the media drive on the qatari scene is active and distinguished and that Oryx Radio , due to begin broadcasting around the clock from Sunday , is part of that developmental activity on part of QMC and highly praised and evaluated efforts being exerted on part of HE Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani, Chairman of the QMC in this respect. The Qatari media scene will witness more activity and progress at the level of visual or audio media , HE sheikh Yusuf told reporters.