Posted on January 22, 2017

ORYX GTL, always committed to motivating and appreciating its employees, held its annual Long Service Award Ceremony, to honour and celebrate those employees who have been part of the ORYX GTL family for over 5 and 10 years, at the company's management headquarters.

ORYX GTL Executive Management, led by C.E.O. Sheikh Thani Al-Thani, thanked the 117 recipients of this award for their key role and contributions to the company’s sustained successes. The honoured employees included 63 people, who completed 10 years of service in ORYX GTL and 54, who completed 5 years in the company. The ceremony started with ORYX GTL’s Chief Administrator Officer Mohammed Al-Enazi, welcoming words on behalf of the Executive Management: “Thank you all for joining us for this special event today, to celebrate and to honour the long service achievement of our employees. Your loyalty and support over the years is greatly appreciated and has shaped ORYX GTL into the company that we are today”.

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Al-Enazi said that together we have worked through many challenges and opportunities, and grew both as individuals and as an organization. Al-Enazi pointed out that “People” is our number one core Value and we consider our staff to be our most valuable asset. By recognizing and upholding this value and all our other corporate values we will ensure success in achieving operational excellence.  Al-Enazi concluded by saying: “We look forward to work together with you for many years to come”. Afterwards, Mr. Rashid Battal Al-Dosari gave his testimony, as one of the ORYX GTL staff who has served for 10 years. Al-Dosari described his journey at ORYX GTL and how the company helped shape his professional career and praised the extraordinary Safety culture and achievements at ORYX GTL.

Afterwards, ORYX GTL CEO Sheikh Thani Al-Thani, distributed the Long Service Awards to the attendees, thanking each one personally for his/her service at the company. ORYX GTL has always believed that its continued success depends upon the skills and dedication of its people. The company regards the development of its personnel as a key element in its efforts to enhance skill levels that will ensure that it has adequate competencies to run a safe, reliable and environment-friendly production facility and continuous prosperity for all.