Posted on May 17, 2017

Aspire Academy recently held its ‘Aspire Global Citizenship Day’, bringing more than 40 nations and their unique cultures under its roof. Aspire Academy organises this event to introduce student-athletes to cultural and ethnic diversity that is paramount to the success of the Academy.

To mark the event, Aspire Academy was outfitted to represent the different countries across different classrooms. Teachers from the exhibiting nations shared unique aspects from their culture, including history, language, food, traditional games, while emphasizing the similarities that exist across nations. Speaking about the event, Ahmed Hussain, Vice School Principal at Aspire Academy, said: “Aspire Academy’s faculty and students come from various ethnic and religious backgrounds, which presents a unique learning opportunity for students. The Academy’s diversified workforce exposes student-athletes to people from all over the world, helping develop well-rounded and well-educated sports champions”.

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The concept of global citizenship is a key pillar in Aspire Academy’s educational philosophy and supports the Academy’s approach to multicultural education, education for sustainable development and international education. The Academy’s efforts to organise such an event stem from its belief in the role of educators as agents of social change, helping students gain perspective about their role as part of the global community and multicultural sports teams.

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