Posted on May 22, 2011

United Development Company, developer of the 40 million square foot community on a man-made island on the Qatar coast, is doing much more than just building homes. The company has gone overseas to ensure that residents at The Pearl-Qatar (TPQ) benefit from the latest knowledge and best practices in community management.

Company representatives recently attended the Annual Conference of Community Associations Institute (CAI) in Florida, USA, a United States-based international association dedicated to helping homeowners and professionals manage their communities.

“This is what we need to do to ensure that our communities are managed in the best interests of the residents who live at The Pearl-Qatar,” says Abdulrahim Al Ibrahim, director of the TPQ Central Authority Directorate. “We are making sure that all communities in TPQ are operated effectively and efficiently. The Pearl-Qatar is and will continue to be the kind of community residents want to call home.”

When completed, TPQ will be populated by more than 40,000 people. TPQ will be managed according to international best standards for master communities, which are responsible for maintaining common-use facilities to the higest standards, liaising with sub-associations and drafting rules of conduct to enhance the community living experience of all TPQ residents.The master community will consist of numerous sub-associations, each led by professionals who will be specifically trained to manage communities.

“Professional governance and management are essential for successful communities,” says Francis Giani, general manager of the master community. “That’s why we’ve joined CAI and why we will continue to work with the Institute and other international organizations to educate ourselves, our managers and our homeowners. There is no alternative to professionals who understand the challenges and opportunities of association management and no substitute for residents who understand the nature and benefits of community association living.”

United Development joined CAI so the company can take full advantage of the Institute’s internationally respected professional development programs.

“CAI is the epicenter of international professional education for community managers,” adds Giani, who notes that there are more than 300,000 community associations in the United States.  “Our managers will be more effective and our communities more successful thanks to professional development. Our managers will share their knowledge and insights with homeowner leaders who help govern our sub-associations.”

“With their involvement in CAI, TPQ leaders are demonstrating a commitment not just to professional development for its managers, but also a strong commitment to their residents,” said CAI Chief Executive Officer Thomas Skiba. “You can’t have long-term community success without educated and dedicated professionals and informed and engaged homeowners.”

Thousands of community managers have earned professional designations awarded by CAI and its sister organization, the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers. Almost two million American homeowners serve on community association boards. These leaders are elected by their neighbors to work with managers to protect property values and meet the expectations of residents.

In America and elsewhere, homeowners pay regular assessments to support the upkeep of their own communities. Such fees vary depending on the services and amenities provided by the community.