Posted on July 26, 2019

After a host of well received public art exhibitions, Qatar’s talented artist Ahmed al Jufairi will be pioneering the country’s first ever mother-son duo art exhibition ‘Perfect Duet’ at W Doha Hotel’s Art29 from July 27 to August 27.

Jufairi, a graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, has successfully completed over 12 group exhibitions, including four solo shows, and an international showcase in Paris. He is now harnessing his talent to curate a show which is particularly dearer to his heart, which will see Jufairi’s work presented alongside the works of his mother Hanady al Othman. 

Born with an artistic itch, Hanady was never presented with the opportunity to express her creativity through art as it was deemed not to be an ‘acceptable’ life choice. Although there were restrictions, Hanady never backed down and continued to paint in private, without realising she would make a masterpiece every once in a while, with her forte being oil and acrylic paintings. Never given the opportunity, or even the permission, to truly express her personal fondness for creating such pieces, Hanady has always coaxed her son Ahmed to follow his artistic calling. 

The ‘Perfect Duet’ exhibition is thus conceived as a result of Jufairi realising the long overdue necessity of the world to see the talent of his mother. He stated, “I just made my mother’s dream come true. This exhibition proves that art is personal; it is not just business.” Together, the two will be showcasing a collection of art works based on Qatar-India Year of Culture, and displaying over 20 installations using different mediums of art such as sculptures, hints of fashion, video footages, digital prints, 3D, and oil and acrylic paintings. 

Inspiration for the showcase derived first hand from travelling through many cities in India, taking snippets and images of iconic monuments, forts, colours, sounds and the vibrancy of the country’s landscape. Details of this can be grasped throughout Jufairi’s artworks. Taking heed also from the vividness of India, Hanady’s collection of art draws inspiration from the festivals in India rather than locations. Her take on ‘Holi’, the festival of colours, can be seen on canvas through splashes of colours depicting a different story with each brush stroke. Hanady commented, “This is my first exhibition, and I want to use this to show that it is never too late to make your dreams come true.” 

As W Doha continually seeks to support fresh talents such as Jufairi, the hotels Art29 is the ideal gallery to present such a contemporary and forward-thinking event. The opening ceremony will be held on July 27 from 7pm to 8pm and is open to all. The art exhibition will be open from 10am to 10pm for the rest of the month at the gallery on the 29th Floor at the W Doha.

source: Qatar Tribune