Posted on February 03, 2015

The Orthopedic unit of the Physiotherapy Department in Rumailah Hospital, part of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), in collaboration with Australia-based Neurodynamic Solutions, has recently organized a training course to develop the neurodynamic skills of physiotherapy specialists at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC). 

Neurodynamic relates to or involves communication between different parts of the nervous system and is also known for relieving pressures off the limb nerve. Neurodynamic is also a type of hand treatment for pains resulting from the pinch of the limb nerve. Twenty-seven physiotherapy specialists from HMC attended the pioneering four-day workshop held at the Medical City Club Hotel. The lecturer at the workshop was Swiss-based Physiotherapy Specialist, Mr. Alfio Albasini. Ms. Noora Al Mathahika – Chief of Physiotherapy at HMC said: “The neurodynamic method is the latest advancement in physiotherapy treatment procedures that relies on releasing the tension of the nerve to eliminate pain.”

She stressed that the department is very keen to improve the skills of its physiotherapy specialists by facilitating training courses on new treatment techniques. “The workshop was organized for a selection of specialists that handle treatment of joints, the spinal cord and muscles. At the end of the workshop, each participant obtained a certificate that qualifies them for technical practice,” Ms. Al Mathahika added. She explained that neurodynamic technique is proving successful in the treatment of back pain, which currently affects more than 60% of all cases, both males and females, admitted by the department. According to Ms. Al Mathahika, the female clinic receives around 150 to 180 cases daily while the male clinic sees between 250 – 280 cases among those aged from 14 years and above.

Physiotherapy specialists at HMC 2 [].jpgMs. Al Mathahika said back pain cases could occur due to accidents or injuries including all kinds of fractures, slip disks, joint replacements, spine correction, joint removal and some movement challenges due to accidents. It can also occur due to sports injuries such as damaged cruciate ligaments (pairs of ligaments arranged like a letter X that occur in several joints of the body, such as the knee). Mr. Aymen Ibrahim Rafat, Physiotherapy Orthopedics Supervisor of male outpatient clinics in Rumailah Hospital said the workshop was within the framework of HMC’s goal of improving and developing its physiotherapy services into best practice through training courses on methods of diagnosis as well as inspection of types of injury.

He explained that comprehensive treatment is available to patients complaining of pain in the neck, back, shoulder and the wrists. He said the technique is equally good for those suffering from numbness or pain in their joints, which could be as a result of pressure on the limb nerve due to severe muscular spasm. “The success of this procedure lies in the severity of the injury, its duration and the patient’s age. If the patient is younger and the injury has only occurred for a brief time, the possibility of full recovery increases,” he said.

Speaking about neurodynamic procedure, Mr. Albasini said: “Ancient Egyptians were the pioneers of this technique in physiotherapy. It was later developed to become more flexible after various research and studies. This method is important to specialists in physiotherapy, especially in hard to diagnose cases such as painful pressure on the nerve,” he stated. Ms. Najla Hamza, Senior Specialist in Physiotherapy at Hamad General Hospital said the neurodynamic method is simple and easy to use when treating some cases of stiffness in the internal nerve movement thus avoiding the need for surgical procedures in some cases.

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