Posted on January 17, 2016

The oil and gas industry is at the core of Qatar’s economy, and the energy sector presents an ideal platform for Qatari nationals to contribute to the development and success of their nation. Following his graduation from the University of Manchester, Mohammed Al- Rayahi found himself considering several job offers in Qatar but decided to join the energy sector, with Qatar Shell.

“I was very fortunate to find multiple employment opportunities in Qatar as a fresh graduate, but I chose Qatar Shell because it offered the best development programme, which indicated to me that it is an organisation that takes care of its employees,” he said. Al-Rayahi joined Qatar Shell in 2007 as part of the organisation’s Graduate Programme. Through a combination of his hard work, personal ambition and structured development and support, he is now the Utilities Maintenance Manager at the Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) plant, the world’s largest GTL plant built in partnership with Qatar Petroleum.

“I find that Qatar Shell offers unique opportunities to Qatari nationals and for those who seek to challenge themselves and are willing to proactively develop, there is an abundance of opportunities,” said Al-Rayahi. “As you move through the organisation across different roles you meet various people who will support your growth at every stage of your technical and leadership development. Regardless of what new challenge you take up, you always have a solid support network to guide you through it.” Having spent his first two years at Qatar Shell with the offshore team working on the drilling rig, platforms and barge, he has since travelled to several Shell global locations. Al-Rayahi now shoulders the responsibility of managing the maintenance of the utilities unit at Pearl GTL, managing and appraising a team of 42 people.

Positively impacting Qatar Utilities 2 [].jpg“Pearl GTL is divided into process blocks ranging from Feed Gas Processing units to Liquid Processing units. My block interfaces with all process blocks and provides them with utilities (Air, Steam, Water and Power). In my role I’m responsible for maintaining the biggest air separation and water treatment units in the world, to ensure the successful creation of GTL products,” he said. “My job requires me to drive efficiency to ensure the production plant continues to operate successfully. I am proud of my role because Pearl has made Qatar the GTL capital of the world, and the plant’s output continues to contribute to the realisation of the Qatar National Vision 2030.”

While his eight year journey at Qatar Shell has seen Al-Rayahi grow professionally, international assignments in Malaysia and Singapore have contributed greatly to his personal growth through exposure to Shell’s extensive and diverse professional network. “The networks you build in Shell through groups such as the Young Shell Network are an invaluable asset that you can tap into for professional support, collaboration and guidance,” he said. “Working for Shell has made me more culturally aware because I’ve had such a rich experience alongside people of various nationalities, which has instilled a number of positive values in me both professionally and personally, all of which complement my existing Qatari values.”

With about 300 Qataris within Qatar Shell, holding technical and commercial positions at all levels of the company, Al-Rayahi is one example of how Qatar Shell seeks to support the Human Development Pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030 through Qatarisation. “I’m proud to be part of Qatar Shell because it is an organisation that cares about its workforce and the development of its people,” added Al Rayahi. “Working at Pearl GTL is a true privilege, and I am proud to be part of an organisation that nurtures Qatari talent and supports its growth, while making real contributions to my country, because at Qatar Shell we impact Qatar together.”