Posted on December 31, 2016

About 65 inmates, among them 15 females, are working in electricity, carpentry and painting workshops, an official at the Ministry of Interior said.

“Women are working in workshops of sewing, embroidery and perfume while men are working in welding and carpentry among others," Lt. Col Jassim Muhammad Al Kaabi, Head of Care and Rehabilitation Section said during the conclusion of the 5th Unified Gulf Inmates Week on Wednesday at Gulf Mall.

The event was held under the theme "Together to Achieve the Reform". “During the Gulf Inmates Week exhibition at Gulf Mall several excellent crafts and paintings made by inmates were selected for sale which worth about QR50,000. Some of these artcraft and tables were booked for price of QR6000”, Al Kaabi told this daily. Half of the money being collected from the selling of these products is for prisoners and their families while the other half will go to the Ministry to buy the raw materials for them, he explains. “The Penal and Correctional Institutions Department of the Ministry of Interior MoI is set to start workshops soon for inmates like vehicles workshops, then inmates will learn how repair vehicles engines, in addition to other workshops like Gypsum," he added.

Earlier also Ft. Lt Adel Mirza Al Qasimi said that the The Penal and Correctional Institutions Department of the Ministry of Interior in collaboration with Qatar Red Cresent will start workshops on air-conditioning and refrigeration for inmates. The products manufactured by the inmates showed their perfect competence as it would help them to merge with the society once they are released after the completion of sentences. Among the departments collaborating with the MoI to rehabilitate the inmates are Da'wa and Religious Guidance department at The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs which are conducting every year some educational courses and religious lectures for inmates and conduct exams at the end of the course.

The ministry gives QR500 cash gifts to every inmate who completes half of the course. Also the Medical Services Department at the MoI follows up the health conditions of the inmates, and has separate clinics for male and female. “In case the inmate has special case then he or she will be transfer to Hamad Hospital, while other normal cases treated at medical services clinics”, said the medical service department stall supervisor during the Gulf Inmates Week at Gulf Mall. The supervisor said that the Department was also providing awareness lectures and symposiums for inmates about oral health and chronic diseases like diabetes.

The ministry of Interior marks Gulf Inmates Week every year due to its important role in enhancing positive behaviour among prisoners and to integrate them in the society.

source: The Peninsula