Posted on February 08, 2011

The average salaries in Qatar’s private sector are expected to rise 7.2% this year, the highest among the Gulf countries, according to an online recruitment firm in the Middle East.

The average salary rise in the GCC is expected to be 6.6% in 2011 with that in Saudi Arabia and Oman at 7%; Kuwait 5.9%, the UAE 6.3% and Bahrain 5.1%, said  in its latest survey, Employment and Salary Trends in the Gulf 2010-11. Among the GCC countries, Qatar and Saudi Arabia had the highest pay rises in 2010 at 6.8% and 6.7% respectively. Oman was in third place with 6.4%, followed by Kuwait at 5.7%. With increasingly attractive career opportunities in their home countries, Asian professionals working in the Gulf received pay rises of 6.1% compared with just 3.2% for Western professionals.

source: Gulf times