Posted on July 24, 2013

To celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month and to perpetuate Qatari culture and tradition, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the region, visited Qatar Foundation Elderly Care “Ehsan” to express the attention and gratitude to the parents and grandparents of the elderly.

In response to their good, and in recognition of their great and distinguished position. Especially since they have largely contributed over the last years of their lives in the construction of the Qatari society and participated in establishing the State which now witness the good and progress in all fields. The wise Qatari leadership estimates the elderly position in the community. This has translated in the articles of the Qatari Constitution and laws pays attention to the elderly.

And on other hand, QAPCO held its annual Garangao festivities in both Doha head office and its club in Mesaieed. The gathering was dedicated to more than 2,000 children of QAPCO employees, guests and passers-by. QAPCO set up a traditional tent across its headquarters on D-Ring in Doha, open to the public, and also, celebrated another activities in its club in Mesaieed.

Garangao, a mid-Ramadan festival for children, is celebrated on the 14th night of Ramadan. Garangao is celebrated mainly in Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain and is much anticipated every year by all the children in the region.

Customarily, on that special night, after the Maghreb prayers, children dress in traditional clothing and go knock on doors in their neighborhoods to collect sweets and nuts. As part of the festival, children use special bags hanging loosely from the neck while singing a special Garangao song. The origin of the word "Garangao" or "Gargee'aan" comes from the Gulf word "Gara” which is the sound of things knocking together.

To celebrate the famous Qatari tradition, QAPCO organized an evening dedicated to gift-giving, where families could enjoy local dancing, story-telling about the roots of Garangao and traditional food.  QAPCO re-created the atmosphere of the typical Garangao, with the children wearing traditional clothing, with their bags full of treats and sweets, and singing songs, such as: “Give us what God gives you, have a house in Makkah for your generosity.”

On the occasion, Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla mentioned: “Sharing our culture and traditions with our employees and the community, via joyful celebrations such as Garangao, is important to us. Garangao is about celebrating and preserving our heritage and sharing the values associated with Ramadan with the younger generations. We are glad the evening was a success and that so many families participated in the gathering”.

QAPCO gratefully thanked the Police and the Doha Municipality for their valuable help and assistance for the Garangao celebrations.  Their support ensured the success of the event.